Focus Ceramic Services manages Jalan Bahar Clay Studios providing facilities for both hobby and professional potters and ceramicists.



  • Open space rental includes use of electric wheel, pugmill, slab roller, other pottery equipment etc.
  •  Rental space for workshops e.g. art education programmes for schools, company family day and group bonding sessions.
  • Gallery space for exhibitions.

Open Space Rental Rates

  • Daily $30, Weekly $150, Monthly $300 (Does not include cost of materials and firing.)




There are six kilns available for rent*.

▪   Electric Kilns: 1 cu. ft. top-loading, 7 cu. ft. front-loading and 15 cu. ft. top-loading.

▪   Gas Kilns: 4 cu. ft. front-loading, 8 cu. ft. front-loading, 35 cu. ft. truck kiln.


Alternative firing methods*

▪   Raku Firing Kiln

▪   Pit Firing Facilities

▪   Wood-Firing in Dragon Kiln

kiln-electric kiln-gas



Materials and Equipment

Various types of clay, glazes and other ceramic materials, and pottery equipment are available for purchase from Focus Ceramic Services.