Jessie Lim 

When Jessie Lim was looking for studio space separate from her home, JBCS was the most obvious and fitting choice.  It was the ideal place, one of the few places in Singapore, where she could be in the midst of the green ‘jungle’ and be a part of a community of like -minded people who love to work with clay.

She remembers fondly tending to the Dragon Kiln firing at JBCS.  She enjoyed listening to the sounds of the jungle and feeling peaceful.  She was particularly inspired by the flora and fauna in the natural surroundings of the place, which found their way into her work.

Jessie worked out of her studio at JBCS for a year and eventually moved to a more centrally located venue, which was easier to access for her students. However she still continues to use JBCS whenever she makes large-scale work.

To see Jessie’s work, please visit or jessielim ceramics on facebook.