Official opening of ‘Contemporary Ceramics – France in Singapore Festival 2015’ and lighting of the dragon kiln

< Official opening of the festival and lighting of the dragon kiln >

Date: May 9th, Saturday

Time: 10.30am

VenueJalan Bahar Clay Studios (JBCS)

             97L Jalan Tawas (off Jalan Bahar )

             Singapore 639824

< Festivities >

               11 am:  Sounding Clay Performance   by Steven Low and Ng Yang Ce

           11.15am:   Large pot throwing demonstration   by Thiebaut Chague

     12pm – 3pm:   Interactive Ceramic Art

     10am – 5pm:   Local Craft and Food Market

       2pm – 3pm: Talk on ‘Contemporary Ceramics in France’   by Christine Waxweiler.

  3pm – 3.30pm: Tour of the Guan Huat and Thow Kwang dragon kilns

       3pm – 5pm:   Hands on Clay workshop for walk-in public

                  4pm:   Jurong Eco Garden tour

Firing continues overnight


Date: May 10th, Sunday

VenueJalan Bahar Clay Studios (JBCS)

           97L Jalan Tawas (off Jalan Bahar )

           Singapore 639824

10am – 3pm: Local Craft and Food Market

11am – 3 pm: Interactive Ceramic Art with multiple bowl throwing   by Steven Low

       11.30am: Jurong Eco Garden tour

              1pm: Closing of the dragon kiln

Firing continues overnight


< Opening of the dragon kiln >

Date: May 15th, Friday

Time: 9am    

Venue:   JBCS



Date: May 16th-26th 

< Official opening of Exhibition >      

Date: May 16th, Saturday

Time: 3pm (tbc)

VenueJBCS Gallery

Please contact or Yang Ce  97952657

Conference < Contemporary Ceramics in France by Christine Waxweiler >

Date: May 4th, Monday

Time: 11:00 am       

VenueNational Museum of Singapore  
            93 Stanford Road, 178897
            Gallery Theatre, Basement



YEAR OF BIRTH: 23 June 1959
PROFILE WRITE UP (on inspiration, journey, progress)

My sculptor tells a history with different symbols. Each person who looks at her fined a variant of the story. The imagination of each invents its own reading of the sculpture. I take some events, good and bad memories, and impression and finally I finish the gesture by textile. I use several borrowing of crochet doilies at the bottom of my ceramics. I try to insert some proportion the golden ratio (golden rule) especially in the form – in the golden rectangle – and also in the final representation openwork.
I mix different clays for to find the material which suit me. I like nature and I am inspired. I am fascinated by the complex patterns, into colors, and bark of trees. I made my own enamel. The “crochet” is also an international link like the ceramic. It is a strong link between generation that is transmitted from mother to child and grandmother.
My work is always in evolution thanks to several discoveries and challenges. I am very sensitive to color and texture.
I work the ceramic as hook with empty and full. Ceramic can catch the light and to play with the shadow of it. It seems to me that the relationship between the two materials is smooth and follows the same way.


1982 – Fine Arts from Nancy (France)

Shanghai: French Art Tour – Gallery Tao
Singapore: Maison & Objet Asia – Singapore
Singapore: Chawan International Exhibition _Singapore
France: Gallery A’ Rebours Renaissance _ Charroux Exhibition solo.
Taiwan: Chawan International Exhibition _ Kaohsiung
France: Paris, Gallery Tenri
Japan: Osaka, Living and Design; Kobe, Gallery Abiesfirma
France: Paris, Gallery Collection “Trés-Or”
Japan: Kobe, Gallery Grace; Kyoto; Tokyo, Gallery Noriko Ushijima
Japan: Osaka, Ikebana; Kobe, Gallery Sonada, Gallery Grace; Kyoto, Gallery Chemin; Tokyo, Ambiante Lifestyle
France: Paris, Cadeaux à p’Art
Japan: Osaka, Art Marché, Marché de Bizen, Gallery Prince, Kyoto, Gallery Chemin
Germany: Berlin, Grand Marché de l’Art Contemporain
France: Paris, Galerie Niel; Vincennes, Grand Marché de l’Art Contemporain
Japan: Osaka, Art Marché, Gallery Yamaki; Kyoto, Gallery Yamaso…
France: Saintes, Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics
France: Nancy, Gallery Héré


Membership: Delegate Regional of Limousin Ateliers d’Art de France
France: Auction sales: Audap & Mirabaud – Drouot Paris;
Japan: Kyoto, Tankosha, creation Chawan for tea ceremony Ura SanKe
Japan: Aïchi Exhibition Universel _ Museum of Seto

Japan: Nagoya, French Ceramic history of yesterday and today
Algeria: Museum Fine Arts Alger – Japanese ceramic history.

Gallery Art/Nature –Poitiers – France
Museum of Seto – Japan
Galerie Abiesfirma- Japan
Mr Josset – Jazz International Pianist
Mr Dumaierain – Architect
Mr Michel Jau : Prefect _ Limoges (France)
Mayor of Bizen – Japan ….

Basic Ceramic Workshops at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios

Join us in this special edition of our open house this month on Saturday 2nd May when we bring to you the France in Singapore event. In conjunction with this event there will be hand building sessions.

1. Hand building package ( $45 / pax )

2. Hand building and Wheel package ( $55/ adult, $35/ 6-18 yo )
— Clay and dragon kiln wood firing costs are included —

May 2nd, 3rd

10.30am -12.30am or 2pm – 4pm

Jalan Bahar Clay Studios (JBCS)
97L Jalan Tawas, (off Jalan Bahar)
Singapore 639824

Please book in advance at or
Yang Ce 97952657