Toh Kiam Hock

Studio 13 A, Jalan Bahar Clay Studios


Artist Biography

Toh Kiam Hock’s interest in art goes back to his school days but he did not begin working with clay until he started taking ceramic classes at the Tao Payoh and Whampao Community Clubs about 10 years ago. His first sculptural works were job related – a construction project of a temple required him to form concrete dragons as part of the building design. This had been his code business in construction since 30 years.

Upon completion of diploma in sculpture at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. Kiam Hock is very active in his Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. The recent project, he had move forward to incorporated using clay to create wall fixture. With his business nature and as a professional potter that provide added advantage in his work.


Artist Statement

The focus of his art work is on creating animal forms with clay using slab work. He enjoys the challenge of being able to incorporate the illusion of movement that makes animal forms truly lifelike. He is especially drawn to the rhinoceros because trying to convey the power that it has in its body requires that he bridge the static nature of the sculpture with the dynamism of the animal. In addition to sculptural work, he also does some work on the wheel where he mainly throws pots using local clay



2013 – ‘Shakei’  (The Glocal Connect Village Art Gallery, Temasek Polytechnic)

  – Jalan Bahar Clay Studios Gallery  (JBCS Gallery)

  – ‘Firing A Passion’  (NTU Innovation Centre)

2010 – Claylink Ceramic Exhibition (Sculpture Square, Singapore)

  – 1st Ngee Ann Distinguished Sculpture Awards 2010

2009 – Project to create wall sculpture/panel for Buddha used in residential housing.

2008 – Project working with artist complete with supply of clay,                                                       Kiln Firing and installation of the finish sculpture in school

2007 – Wood Craving – Sculture Society Singapore  (Fort Canning Park)

  – Dust by Dawn – Sculture Society Singapore  ( Fort Canning Park)

2006 – Official Launch of Jalan Bahar Clay Studios  (Jalan Bahar)

  – Sculture Society Singapore Exhibition 2006  (Esplanade Singapore)

  – ‘Our 10 years’ Whampoa Ceramic Club  (National Library Board Building)

2005 – Memories By The Lake Art Exhibition  (Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Singapore)

2004 – 2012 Ngee Ann 3D-Art Exhibition  (Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Singapore)

  – ‘Touched’ – A Ceramic Exhibition  (Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Singapore)

  – Modern Art and Ceramic Exhibition  (Whampoa Community Club, Singapore)

2002 – Claylink Ceramic Exhibition  (URA Centre, Singapore)

2001 – International Ceramic Art Course in Jingdezhen, China

  – Simply Chinese Ceramic Art Exhibtion  (MITA, Singapore)

2000 – Lee Hai Peng’s Art Exhibition cum Johor Bahru                                                                   Singapore Charity Ceramic Art Exhibition

  – Chinese Cultural Festival Ceramic Exhibition                                                                   (Whampoa Community Club, Singapore)

1999 – National Day Celebration Ceramic Exhibition                                                                         (Whampoa Community Club, Singapore)

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