Suan Ong

Studio 9, Jalan Bahar Clay Studios



Artist Biography

Led by a sense of knowing that she enjoys working with her hands, Suan signed up for her first pottery class in 1995. At the first touch of clay, she immediately knew ceramics will be with her for life.

Since then, ceramics has indeed become a part of Suan’s life. In her early days, she spent most weekends in ceramics classes, whenever she is not exploring some foreign land or scuba-diving around Asia. From 2005-2010, ceramics came to a total standstill in her life: living in the Middle East (Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi) she was no longer able to practise as ceramics studios are non-existent, or operate at times that are not at all friendly for working professionals. She then channeled her time to exploring the deserts, and getting to know the Arab world and its beautiful people.

Returning to Singapore in 2010, Suan immersed herself in clay once more; with almost a vengeance, as if to make up for the ‘lost’ time when she wasn’t able to get herself muddy in the Middle East. She has since exhibited at Tou Gei 2012, and attended a master-class and a workshop in Italy. Suan studied under Jessie Lim (Singapore), John Colbeck (UK) and Orietta Mengucci (Italy), and currently works from her studio at the Jalan Bahar Clay Studios.


Artist Statement

My current work explores the symbiotic relationship of freedom and structure, both of which are often considered polar opposites. Yet, in freedom, one often finds structure; while in structure, freedom finds expression. One is not better, or more right than the other. Rather, they are the yin and yang of a harmonious existence.



Tou Gei 2012

Suan Ong


Suan photo 2