Hetty Lie-Schricke

Studio 7, Jalan Bahar Clay Studios

Email: hettyschr@hotmail.com.


Artist Biography

Hetty stopped working as a scientific researcher in 1994 and delved in different art media including aquarelle, oil painting, painting on faience and porcelain and stained glass fabrication.

She was introduced to local pottery works when she was a Singapore Art  Museum Docent and thanks to Master Potter Iskandar Jalil, since 2006 she developed her passion for clay and has finally found the material for her art expression. He taught her the basics of handbuilding, throwing, glaze making and firing in his successive studios in Jalan Bahar, Malay Heritage Center and Temasek Potters, She also attended Yeo Chee Kiong’ s Sculpture course in the National Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA, 2008).  Since 2012 she works in her own studio at JBCS.

She is interested in working with local clay as she enjoys experimenting and believes that local clay will define the Singaporean root identity in her works.


Artist Statement

I enjoy experimenting with local clay. After one year’s attempt, I have settled on to the use of Seletar, Jalan Bahar, Kallang and Tuas Marine clays as the major clay material, or as clay slips and, or as glazes.

I have always felt welcomed in all the various countries that I have lived in. My wish is to convey this sentiment via my works and to share the nature and essence of clay with the observer.

I draw motivation and satisfaction with the local clay aspect, colour and form and my expressions are related to plants and birds and to my Peranakan roots



2015 June: Residency exchange (1 month) with La Tuilerie de Poiligny, Limousin, France

  June: Co-coordinator of Contemporary Ceramics, Singapore in France exchange,        France

  Apr-May: Coordinator of Contemporary Ceramics, France in Singapore Festival,                   Singapore

Joint Exhibitions

2018 Nov : Variables of the function ( T U Collab, Singapore)

          Sep : ‘Tea ware: East meets West, International Ceramic Exhibition’,
                      (The Province Gallery Rivierenhof, Deurne, Belgium)

          Aug : ‘Urban Expedition’  (Visual Arts Center, Singapore)

          Apr : ‘Singapore Stories : Ceramic Interpretations of Place around us ’
                      (Mulan Gallery, Singapore)

          Apr : ‘Third International Ceramic Tea Ware Expo’
                      (KIA gallery, Aartselaar, Belgium)

          Feb : ‘Of Human Heritage’
                      (Art Spice Gallery, New Delhi, India)

2017  Nov : ‘Internationale Thee Keramiek expo’,
                      ( Galerij Keramisch Atelier, Utrecht, Netherlands)

          Aug : ‘Taiwan Singapore Sculpture Society expo’, (Taipeh, Taiwan)

          June : ‘Internationale Thee Keramiek expo’
                      (Galerij Gesigneerd,  Baal- Tremelo, Belgium)

          May : ‘International Tea Ware Expo’  (Galerie H2O, Kyoto, Japan)

          Jan :  ‘Insight’ Singapore International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition 
                     (Visual Arts Centre, Singapore)

2016 Nov-Dec : ‘Kaohsiung International Ceramic Exhibition’.
          (Kaohsiung Talee Deparmental Store, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

2016 Nov – 2017 Feb : ’20th International Chawan Expo’.
          (National Taiwan Craft and  Research & Development Institute, Miaoli, Taiwan)

2016 Nov : ’19th International Chawan Expo’
          (Northern Miaoli Art Center, Miaoli, Taiwan)

 Jan : ‘Second Nature II’. (The Foothills @Fort Canning Park, Singapore)

2015 Sep : ‘17th International Chawan Expo’. (Hemiksem, Belgium)

  July : ‘Taiwan International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition’. (Taipeh, Taiwan)

  June 27th, 28th: ‘Singapore in France Anagama firing exhibition’.
          (EcoMusee de la Tuilerie de Pouligny, France)

  Jun : Nov : ‘Chanoyu 2015’. (EcoMusee de la Tuilerie de Pouligny, France)

  May : ‘Contemporary Ceramics, France in Singapore’.
             (Jalan Bahar Clay Studios Gallery, Singapore)

2015 Jan : ‘Tribute to Local Clay, A Pottery Exhibition’. (Maya Gallery, Singapore)

2014 Sep : ‘16th International Chawan Expo-Singapore 2014’.
                      (Ngee Ann Cultural Center, Singapore)

  Aug : ‘Singapore-Taiwan. Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition’
             (The Foothills @Fort Canning Park, Singapore)

2013 Nov : ‘Shakei’. The Glocal Connect Village Art Gallery
                    (Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore)

—— Mar : Jalan Bahar Clay Studios Gallery  (JBCS Gallery)

  Jan : ‘Iskandar Jalil – a lifelong passion’ (Japan Creative Center, Singapore)

2011 Dec : ‘Invitation to Raw Interpretations’.  (Art 2 Gallery, Singapore)

2008 Dec : ‘Inspirations from Kampong Gelam’.  (The Malay Heritage Center, Singapore)



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