Charlotte Cain


Artist Biography

Charlotte Cain moved from her country of birth, Denmark, to the Phillipines in 1980, where had her first experience with clay. She moved to Singapore in 1989 and attended classes under Master Potter Iskandar Jalil and in 1991 she established her own studio. Charlotte works mainly on the wheel, where her minimalist bowls and hollow spheres are created, revealing her Scandinavian roots – each with an emphasis on form rather than function.

The sculptural works are made from stoneware and porcelain clay. The clay is worked to its ultimate limit, creating extremely thin walls. By leaving the edges uncut the clay creates a natural finale to the work. The wide rim of the voluminous bowls signifies a fusion of the outer and inner walls. The pieces are glazed in monochromatic hues of white, blue or black.  The high temperature (1300C) reduction firing results in a hardness that produces a crisp resonance. Each piece is unique based on an element of experiment in application methods, textures, glazes and firing.


Artist Statement 

Each piece is a statement of emotion, both in form and in the way the clay is worked.



1981 – 1987         Studio Pottery under Leonardo Villaroman, Philippines.

1989 – 1991         Studio Pottery under Master Potter Iskandar Jalil, Singapore.

1991                     Set-up of own studio.

1992                     Clay Pieces, group exhibition, National Museum of Singapore.
                             Contours, solo exhibition, Art 2.

1993                     Art in Asia, curated section, Singapore Art Fair.

1994 – 1995         Talks and demonstrations for Southeast Asian Ceramic Society.

1995                     Rhythm and Vitality, group exhibition,              
                             Empress Place fundraiser for Asian Women’s Welfare Association.

1997                     Choice Cuts, group exhibition, Jennifer Whitman Gallery,
                             Vancouver, Canada.

                             Lottery For Pottery, Vandusen Botanical Gardens,
                             Vancouver, Canada.

1998                     Lottery for Pottery, The Roundhouse, Vancouver, Canada.                              
                             Arnold Mikelson ‘Mind and Matter’ Art Festival, White Rock, Canada.

1999                     Arnold Mikelson ‘Mind and Matter’ Art Festival, White Rock, Canada.

                             The Designer Treasury Series, group exhibition, Vancouver, Canada.

2002                     UnCut, solo exhibition, Art 2, Singapore.

                             Ceramitivity – The Second Statement, group exhibition, 
                             NUS, Singapore.                                

2005 – 2006         Gallery at D’apres Nous, Duxton Hill, Singapore.

2006                     More Mixed Messages, group exhibition,
                             Fort Canning Centre, Singapore.

2009                     Transitions, group exhibition, Sculpture Square, Singapore.

                             Engaging Materials, group exhibition, Ion Gallery, Singapore.

2012                     Redress, group exhibition, Ion Gallery, Singapore,
                             Fundraiser for Maiti Nepal.

2013                     Japan Creative Centre, group exhibition, Singapore.

                             Jalan Bahar Clay Studios Gallery, group exhibition, Singapore.

Private and corporate collections internationally, including National Museum of Singapore and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.