Adriana Sambrano de Hamilton

Artist Biography

Born in Venezuela, Adriana Sambrano de Hamilton is a self-taught ceramicist in the sense that she has created her own imagery and mostly has done her art the way she wanted to. Adriana’s work is heavily influenced by her professional background as biologist and the values learned from her strong Latino American roots.

In 1975, after taking basic lessons in pottery at the Ateneo de Caracas, she decided that clay would be the perfect media to express her creative energy but she had to wait many years to receive some more technical training. In 1995 she studied with the venezuelan artist Candido Millan at Escuela Artes del Fuego. Over the years she has taken advantage of workshops and art community centers in Venezuela and Scotland to gain the technical confidence needed to move from dreaming into creation. Currently, as Singapore-based artist, she has found the perfect environment to accelerate her technical development with sculpture classes with the awarded sculpture artist Yeo Chee Kion and ceramicist artist Nelson Lim Sang Choon at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Also at the Ceramic Studio of Tanjong Pagar Community Centre she has found an excellent opportunity for training in wheel-throwing techniques with resident lecturers Pang Hoise Ong and Lee Boon Choon. At Jalan Bahar Clay Studios she has joined the group of resident artists who work the clay with an interesting experimental community approach


Artist Statement

The clay is the perfect media to play and mimic the abstract beauty I see in nature or the universal gestures of the human body. There is magic in its transformation with the help of the fire. Soft, plastic, docile in my hands the clay helps me to materialize my visions with the hope that their stony shape last long in time.



2013        Jalan Bahar Clay Studios Gallery   (Jalan Bahar Clay Studios)

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